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Strickland To Speak On Differences Between US Senate Rival

WOSU composite

The U.S. Senate campaign of Democrat Ted Strickland says he's preparing a speech that will lay out key differences between him and Republican Rob Portman as Strickland seeks to unseat Portman in November.

Strickland is scheduled to make the remarks at the Akron Press Club on Monday.

Strickland is viewed as one of national Democrats' best chances to capture a Republican-held Senate seat this year. He is a once popular former governor with wide name identification and strong polling numbers across the state. In a rare move, the Ohio Democratic Party endorsed him in the primary, where he faces Cincinnati city councilman P.G. Sittenfeld.

Portman has touted a strong early ground game and has amassed more than $10 million in donations. Strickland has raised about $3.8 million.