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National Group Plans To Place Medical Marijuana Issue On Ballot

Laurie Avocado
Wikimedia Commons
A national group said it will put a plan on the ballot this fall.

Ohio’s legislative leaders have a task force and are holding public meetings to study the possibility of allowing some sort of medical marijuana here.  Regardless of what they do, a national group plans to put a medical marijuana plan before voters this fall.

The Marijuana Policy Project has been active in passing legalized marijuana plans in five states. Spokesman Mason Tvert said it plans to put legalization of medical marijuana on Ohio’s ballot this fall, regardless of what the state legislature does.
“We’ve already seen some legislative leaders say they are skeptical that anything will occur and that they don’t support this. And there are a lot of sick and dying people who can’t wait any longer," Tvert said. 
Tvert said his group is drafting the language for the issue right now and is in the process of hiring someone to lead the campaign. He says it will not be the same people who led the marijuana legalization campaign that failed at the ballot box last fall by a two to one margin.