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Plummeting Oil Prices Give Ohio Drivers Break At Gas Pump

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Bad news for China is good news for Ohio drivers.

Plummeting crude oil prices, pushed mainly by uncertainty in the Chinese economy, are driving down gas prices across much of the United States, and in few places is that more felt than Ohio.

Auto club AAA reports the statewide average price for regular-grade gas in Ohio was $1.69 a gallon Monday morning. That’s 15 cents lower than the previous Monday and more than 30 cents less than what Ohio drivers were paying one year.

GasBuddy.com analyst Patrick Dehann says Great Lakes gas prices are especially susceptible e to competition.

“And demand is much less in the winter,” said Dehann.

Dehann says a price war between some Michigan gas stations led one to sell gas as cheap at 47 cents per gallon.