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Columbus Interfaith Leaders Gather To Denouce Trump's Anti-Muslim Remarks

Columbus inter-faith leaders at First Congregational Church in Columbus
First Congregational Church
Representatives of Columbus' Christian, Jewish and Muslim communities gathered at First Congregational Church in Columbus on Decmebr 10, 2015 to denounce GOP presidental candidate Donald Trump's anti-Muslims remarks.

A group of interfaith religious leaders - including Christian, Muslim and Jewish – met yesterday in downtown Columbus to repudiate anti-Muslim remarks by GOP presidential candidate Donald Trump.

The gathering at First Congregational Church was organized by its senior minister Tim Ahrens. He says Trump's comments are beginning to be echoed by other candidates.

"Love will win over hate every time," Ahrens said. "So our message as Christians, Jewish and Muslims  leaders today was our communities of faith are coming together with love to prevail over hate."