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Bi-Partisan Bill Would Set Body Camera Standards

Lawmakers want to set standards for police body cameras.

Some Ohio cities already have police body cameras and others are considering getting them. As some state legislators want to make sure all cities have the same rules for using police body cameras.

Democratic State Representative Kevin Boyce said body cameras can be very helpful for police forces and as more around the state get that technology, he said a new bipartisan bill he’s co-sponsoring would make sure they have standards on how to use it.

“They have to identify who is wearing them, when they can have them turned on, who can have the audit ability on those data points so we think it is the very first piece of a very needed discussion around body cameras," Boyce said. 

This bill would not help municipalities buy police body cameras but Boyce said he supports another bill that would do that.  Lawmakers say another bill is also ahead on public records and body cameras.