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Ohio House Bill Would Let Places Stock Emergency Allergy Meds

Under a bill that passed the Ohio House, place like daycare centers, restaurants and amusement parks could keep epinephrine injectors on hand.

An Ohio bill would let restaurants, child care centers, amusement parks, colleges, sports venues and other places keep  on hand to treat severe allergic reactions from insect stings, food or other causes.

The House voted unanimously to pass on the proposal Tuesday, sending it to the Senate for consideration.

The measure would permit certain public and private entities to keep epinephrine shots for life-threatening emergencies without possessing a license that otherwise would be required.

The bill also outlines training requirements, storage standards and liability protections for employees at such places who would be authorized to administer the epinephrine.

Sponsoring Rep. Christina Hagan - an Alliance Republican - says the proposal is aimed at children and others who are not aware of their food allergies or other potential allergens.