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Bill Clinton Speaks At Ohio State University

Bill Clinton
Sam Hendren
Bill Clinton speaks at Ohio State on November 19, 2015

Former President Bill Clinton was in Ohio Thursday to mark the 20th anniversary of the Dayton Peace Accords.  Later in the day Clinton stressed the importance of public service to an audience at Ohio State University. 

Former President Clinton reminded the Ohio State audience that the world is interdependent…and its population is condemned, he said, to share the future.  

“The only question open for debate are the terms upon which we will share it.  Those of you who are best at public service will have the most influence on what those terms are,” Clinton said. 

Clinton said service could be rendered through politics or philanthropy but whatever the means, he said it remains a citizen’s duty…

“The job of every citizen who believes in freedom, democracy the rule of law, is to do something to build up the positive and reduce the negative forces of our interdependence,” he said.

He appeared at the OSU event with former US Senator John Glenn.