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Authorities: Woman In Nursing Home Died Of Heroin Overdose

Officials in Portsmouth say a man gave his nursing home bound wife an overdose of heroin.

Authorities say a man has been charged with involuntary manslaughter after his wife died of a heroin overdose in a southern Ohio nursing home earlier this year.

The Scioto County Sheriff's Office on Friday announced the arrest of Timmy Smith in the May 30 death of his wife Ona Smith at a nursing home in Portsmouth.

Scioto County Prosecutor Mark Kuhn says it's believed that 46-year-old Ona Smith was a heroin addict before being admitted to Heartland Nursing Home and that her husband was supplying her with drugs.

Kuhn says Timmy Smith may have been living in his wife's room at the time. Court records list Smith as homeless and don't name an attorney.

A nursing home spokeswoman said the agency worked with investigating authorities.