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Author Of Book About Christie Mullins Murder Helped Police Solve Cold Case

John Oller
Author John Oller

It was a crime that shocked Columbus and Ohio.  Clintonville teenager Christie Lynn Mullins was brutally beaten to death behind Graceland Shopping Center in the summer of 1975.  The case remained unsolved for 40 years.  But on Friday Columbus police closed the case, saying they believe that Henry Newell Junior, a neighbor of Mullins – who died in 2013 – committed the murder.  Along with an apology for shoddy police work that took place 40 years ago, Columbus police singled out the assistance of New York-based writer John Oller…

“I believe in giving credit where credit’s due.  And I’d like to note that John Oller – he’s the individual who kind of shook the bushes; poked the bear, so to speak.  He got things rolling on this.  And I think that it’s noteworthy to credit him for those efforts.”

John Oller is the author of a book about the case titled “An All-American Murder…”