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Kasich Gets Aggressive, Calls Out Fellow Candidates’ “Nonsense” In Pre-GOP Debate Rally

Office of Ohio Gov. John R. Kasich
Gov. John Kasich ramps up his tone ahead of the third GOP presidential debate.

Gov. John Kasich has stayed away from attacking his fellow Republican presidential candidates in the two previous debates, but he sounded a much more aggressive tone in a pre-debate rally today. 

"We better be careful that we don’t turn this country over to somebody who’s not capable of running it," Kasich said.

With that, and without naming names, Gov. John Kasich fired at Ben Carson for proposing dramatic cuts to Medicaid and Medicare and a flat tax based on tithing, and at Donald Trump for suggesting the deportation of more than 10 million immigrants.

But Kasich also blasted Jeb Bush for being proud of vetoing so much legislation. And while he’s been low key in other debates, he’s implying the gloves are off for this one.

“I’m fed up. I am sick and tired of listening to this nonsense,” Kasich told the crowd of about a hundred supporters.

About 20 pro-choice advocates were outside the rally, protesting Kasich’s support of anti-abortion legislation.