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Kasich Promises Balanced Budget With Tax Cuts

John Kasich
File photo
John Kasich

Gov. John Kasich’s first major policy speech as a presidential candidate might have sounded familiar to Ohioans, who’ve heard him speak about growing the economy, cutting taxes for job creators and streamlining regulations. 

Kasich announced a plan to balance the federal budget in eight years, including tax cuts for businesses and the wealthy and a big boost in military spending. And Kasich says he’ll also build in incentives for lower-income people.

“It’s an accordion – bring the top down and help those at the bottom to become more successful. For businesses, the top rate will be 25 percent," Kasich said.

"This brings us back to a level that is globally competitive.”

A statement from the Democratic National Committee on Kasich’s budget says in part that Kasich’s plan is “unserious” and that it would damage basic government functions. The statement concludes – quoting here – “It would either explode the deficit or destroy the economy.”