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Second Redflex Executive Pleads Guilty

Redflex Vice President of Sales pleads guilty to conspiracy and bribery.

A second RedflexRedlight Camera Executive pleaded guilty to bribery and conspiracy in order to secure a contract with Columbus city officials.

In court documents unsealed today Aaron Rosenberg pleaded guilty last year to providing campaign contributions from 2005 to 2013 to retain a contract with the city.

Rosenberg served one year probation in exchange for helping federal prosecutors.

City Council President Andrew Ginther has admitted asking Rosenberg for a campaign contribution in 2011. Rosenberg declined his request. A candidate for Columbus mayor, Ginther also admitted asking Redflex lobbyist John Raphael to help him get a donation from Redflex.

Court documents show Redflex sent Raphael $20,000 in 2011. A comparison of campaign documents and court records show that same amount going the Ohio Democratic Party and eventually ended up in Ginther's campaign coffers.

Ginther has not been charged with a crime.

Earlier this year another Redflex executive Karen Finley pleaded guilty to conspiracy to bribe. She is currently awaiting sentencing.

Columbus lobbyist John Raphael pleaded guilty today to extortion in Federal District Court.