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Ohio Supreme Court Finds Broken Gun Not 'Deadly'

Ohio Supreme Court Gavel statue

The Ohio Supreme Court has ruled that the 9 mm handgun carried by a Cincinnati teenager didn't qualify as a deadly weapon under the state's concealed carry law because it was broken and not used as a bludgeon.

The high court's 6-1 decision Thursday means the teenager shouldn't have been found delinquent after a 2013 charge that he violated Ohio's ban on carrying a concealed weapon without a license.

Writing for the majority, Justice Bill O'Neill said the fact the gun was inoperable meant it was "no more of a deadly weapon than is a laptop computer or a briefcase."

The ruling reverses a magistrate's decision that was affirmed by the juvenile and appellate courts. The teen's felony charge was reduced to a misdemeanor earlier because the gun didn't work.