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Study Shows Increase In Solar Energy Access In Ohio

A green energy group reports more Ohioans are seeking out alternative energy sources.

An environmental group says there’s a new study that shows a growing interest in solar energy. 

The advocacy group Environment Ohio released a report saying the Buckeye State has seen a 53% increase in access to solar energy, due to federal and local government policies.

But the state’s incentives and standards are still frozen due to a vote last year by the Legislature.

Bill Spratley with Green Energy Ohio, another advocacy group, said there’s an increase in solar panel installation, showing that the Legislature’s decision is out of touch with what the people want.

“We haven’t given up on Ohio like the Ohio Legislature,” said Spratley.

Supporters of the freeze say the policies were costing Ohioans too much money. The Legislature’s cost-benefit analysis on the standards will be released at the end of the month.