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Man Who Threatened To Jump From I-670 Coaxed Down

A man threatening to jump from I-670 is down from a support beam. Columbus Police diverted traffic in the area of I-670 and SR 315 for more than two hours. 

After more than two hours, a potential interstate jumper is down from a support beam at I-670 and Neil Avenue in the Arena District.

Vicki Commeans works nearby, and she watched on as moments became intense before the man stepped down from the ledge of his own accord.

"I think he may jump," Commeans said. 

"He's walking to the ledge," she said. "He has his arms out like Jesus."

But about ten minutes later the man was safely back onto the I-670 roadway.

“OK he’s getting down. He’s down. There’s all kinds of reinforcement waiting for him. They have him. Thank God," Commeans breathed deeply. 

Columbus Police diverted traffic from I-670 eastbound near highway 315, as they tried to help the man who has not been identified. 

Authorities brought in a fire truck ladder and lifted personnel to talk with him. 

“It looks as if the negotiator is pleading for him to come down. His hand gestures are very, very intense," she said.

“[His] demeanor is very calm. He’s just sitting there. And every once in a while he repositions himself, and he’s been [sitting] Indian style ever since he’s been up there. So he’s not in the upright standing position," Commeans said.

Traffic was also stopped on Neil Avenue, and a crowd has formed.

A police dispatcher said someone reported the man shortly before 2 p.m.