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Columbus Mayor Responds To Redflex Investigation

Michael Coleman
Columbus on the Record
Columbus Mayor Michael Coleman said he has turned over documents to federal investigators.

Columbus Mayor Michael Coleman, Tuesday afternoon, said he has handed over documents to federal investigators looking into pay-to-play allegations involving city elected officials and a red light camera company. 

A spokeswoman for the mayor confirms Coleman received a subpoena from the US Attorney's office asking for documents. While Coleman maintains he is not the focus of the investigation, he said is cooperating fully, and urges others to do the same.   

"It is important that the federal investigators are provided with the appropriate information so that all of the facts come out, so that justice can be served," Coleman wrote in an email. 

A former Redflex executive, who pleaded guilty to federal bribery charges, said city officials asked for money to maintain red light camera contracts.

Redflex has done businesses with the city since 2005, but Coleman said in a statement he was not involved in awarding the contracts. He said that responsibility was left up to the Public Safety Department. Coleman said he’s confident the department followed the law.

Coleman also writes he considers the allegations to be serious.

On Monday, Columbus City Council President, and mayoral candidate, Andrew Ginther denied any wrongdoing.

Ginther was linked to the investigation after a cross check of federal court documents with campaign contribution records showed Ginther received a large donation from the Ohio Democratic Party that was allegedly funneled by a lobbyist who secured the money from Redflex.