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Columbus Police Name Second Suspect, Follow Community Tips In Quadruple Murders

Columbus Police
Robert Lee Adams faces four charges of murder in the Saturday shootings inside a Hudson Street home.

The manhunt is on for Robert Lee James, a 27-year-old man charged in last weekend's four shootin deaths in North Columbus. Police are sifting through tips from the community to help solve what's being called a "horrific crime." 

Columbus homicide investigator, Sargeant Dave Sicilian,  says during their search for Adams in the four murders detectives have so far received 'hundreds of leads' from the community.

"We're dedicating as many resources as possible to completely and thoroughly follow-up on the leads," says Sicilian.

Detective Sicilian says a teen suspect was earlier taken into custody.

About a block from the crime scene on East Hudson,  Reverend Charles Tatum at Good Shepherd Baptist Church, described his congregation as 'outraged' and 'heartbroken' after hearing of the murders. Tatum says he's confident the crime will be solved but he hopes the shootings are not a precursor to more violence this summer. He's calling for a greater community presence from South Linden churches.

"We need to have more of a visible presence in this community, getting out a little more to get to know folk and for folk to get to see us. Not just this church but every church in the  community," says Reverend Tatum.

Police continue to protect a survivor witness to the shootings. Investigators say drugs are a strong possibility as a motive for the killings.