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Ohio Senators Review Plan To Cut Medicaid Coverage For Some

The Ohio Senate is looking at possible Medicaid cuts for some pregnant women.

State senators are taking a hard look at a proposal in Gov. John Kasich's  budget that would eliminate Medicaid benefits for certain pregnant women and others who the administration says can get health insurance through the federal marketplace.

Currently, women who are pregnant or diagnosed with breast or cervical cancer are eligible for Medicaid if their income is up to 200 percent of the federal poverty level - about $23,540 for an individual. Kasich wants to trim this to 138 percent - about $16,243 for individuals.

Some senators say the change would create a potential health-coverage gap for pregnant women and conflicts with efforts to combat infant mortality.

Administration officials say they're willing to work with legislators on a fix.

Senators plan to release their budget revisions next week.