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Columbus Will Consider Police Body Cams

Tom Borgerding

Columbus Mayor Michael Coleman and Police Chief Kim Jacobs Thursday outlined steps to keep peace in the city. The city leaders want to prevent police-citizen violence similar to recent occurrences in Baltimore and Madison, Wisconsin.

As part of the plan to improve police-community relations, Mayor Coleman says the city will consider equipping its police officers with body cams.

"Now, today I'm recommending that we move towards body cameras in the city of Columbus," says Coleman.

Coleman has long supported cameras as a tool of law enforcement.  He says though, that body cams raise privacy concerns since any video recorded by officers is subject to public records access.

"So with dash cameras and neighborhood cameras we're not entering into private homes. Body cameras the potential is that you could enter into the privacy of one's own homes," says Coleman.

Coleman called for a change in state law to address individual privacy concerns. Coleman also announced the city will review Internal Affairs procedures when investigating officer involved shootings. Police Chief Kim Jacobs says police will also annual neighborhood meetings.