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Learn About The 6 First Ladies Who Were Born In Ohio

Ohio has long been known as the home of several presidents, sometimes called the Mother of President's. Ohio ranks in the top two, somewhat controversially with Virginia, as the top producer of presidents.

When you compare hometown to birthplace, things can get a little controversial, apparently.

But it's time for the men to step aside, because as the old saying goes, "behind every great man is an even greater woman."

What do we know about the first ladies of Ohio? Who are they? What impact did they have on life in the White House? What impacts did they leave on the country?

Click the image above to trigger a slideshow of all the first ladies from Ohio.

Author and C-SPAN anchor, Susan Swain, recently wrote a book that coincided with C-SPAN's yearlong series First Ladies: Influence and Image. The book chronicles the lives of all 45 first ladies in the White House, ambitions, and unique partnerships with their presidential spouses.

WOSU reporter Tom Borgerding talked with Susan Swain at length, specifically about the First Ladies who were born in Ohio. Those women were Lucy Webb Hayes, Lucretia Rudolph Garfield, Caroline Scott Harrison, Ida Saxton McKinley, Helen Herron Taft, and Florence DeWolfe Harding.

Listen to their conversation below: