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Bill Would Offer Incentives For CNG-Powered Vehicles

CNG station
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One of the biggest hurdles for CNG-powered vehicles is a relative shortage of refueling stations.

Two state lawmakers are reigniting their effort to encourage the use of compressed natural gas, or CNG, to fuel cars. But the bill will have to go through a Legislature that just voted to get rid of some alternative fuel requirements.

The transportation budget eliminated rules that mandated state vehicles to use more ethanol and biodiesel.

Republican Representative Dave Hall and Democratic Representative Sean O’Brien, both from northeast Ohio, say their bill simply encourages the use of CNG through incentives.

They say that’s the big difference from the alternative fuel provisions which were required. Hall believes the state should take more of an all of the above approach when it comes to alternative fuels.

“You cannot constantly prop up any kind of industry. With this play coming in with CNG and the liquid side of it—allow everyone to kind of have a fair playing field,” said Hall.

Hall and O’Brien believe there’s strong support in the Legislature for their bill.