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Ohio House Takes Up Bill To Push Back Ohio Primary Election

Ohio State budget
State lawmakers debate moving Oiho's presidential primary.

State representatives are questioning whether a bill that would move Ohio's 2016 primary election date might cause confusion among voters and candidates.

During the bill's first hearing Wednesday, Democrats on the Republican-controlled panel also questioned whether moving the battleground state's presidential primary back a week - from March 8 to March 15 - might help Republicans more than Democrats.

Sponsoring Rep. Mike Dovilla, a Berea Republican, said the date change would meet newly-set Republican National Committee rules that take delegates from states that hold their primaries too early.

State Rep. David Leland, a Columbus Democrat, said moving the primary to May 3 or after would allow Democrats also to maximize their delegates.

Other questions concerned the legality of existing candidate petitions and voter confusion over a mid-month election.