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Red Light Cameras To Be Turned Off March 23

Red light camera
Wikimedia Commons
Red light cameras in Columbus will be turned off March 23.

In about two weeks red light cameras, in Columbus, will be turned off…at least for now.

A new state law requires a police officer to be posted at a red light camera 24-7. For Columbus, that would require taking 114 police officers off the streets to man 38 intersections where there are cameras.

City Public Safety Director George Speaks said that’s not good for safety and it’s not financially practical.

“Our cost went from $100,000 to $11.4 million.

Speaks said the cameras will be turned off March 23. But they won’t be taken down just yet. The city is expected to decide soon whether to join a lawsuit that claims the new law violates home rule.

“So until the lawsuit would be decided one way or the other, the infrastructure would remain in place should it be turned on in the future.”

People who run a red light prior to March 23 will still receive a ticket.

The cameras have generated nearly $10 million for Columbus, since 2006. Speaks said right angle crashes declined by 74 percent since the cameras were installed.