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Columbus Police Appoint Diversity Inclusion Liaison Officers

The Columbus Division of Police has added new duties for three patrol officers. The three have been named Diversity and Inclusion Liaison Officers who will work to build trust between police and the community. At a news conference, Columbus City Council president Andrew Ginther said that events across the U.S. show the need for better community/police relations. Under the new initiative, one officer will work with the African-American community, one with the LGBT community and one with new immigrants. Police Chief Kim Jacobs says the officers come from the same communities they’ll be working with. “James Fuqua is our African American Liaison and he grew up on the South Side; he went to South High School. And he still works in that particular area, and we know that people in the black community can reach out to him if they have an issue with what’s going on in the division,” Jacobs said. The full-time officers will report directly to Chief Jacobs.