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Pot Legalization Plan Would Bring Grow Site To Franklin County

The group that’s behind a proposed marijuana legalization amendment has released more details about its plan, including where the regulated pot would be grown. ResponsibleOhio spokesman, Chris Stock, says if voters approve his group’s plan, there will be regulations in place to make sure marijuana growth, sales and use in Ohio is responsible. “You’ll have a physician on the commission, you have an attorney well versed on administrative law, you have a law enforcement officer from Ohio, you have a business person, an industry person.

You have each of these different constituencies put together so that they can come up with a regulatory system that is really going to take into account all of the facets of this large industry.

Stock says growing facilities will be housed in Butler, Clermont, Franklin, Hamilton, Licking, Lorain, Lucas, Montgomery, Stark and Summit Counties. He says those sites were chosen based on logistics and availability of infrastructure. There would also be some facilities throughout the state to test and regulate the chemical content, potency and packaging of the cannibas. Stock says the proposed amendment focuses on safety. “The safety of these facilities is paramount which is why they are located where they are located. And for these folks to even be able to participate in the industry, they are going to have to go through significant and lengthy safety protocol," Stock says. "And they are going to have certify that they have complied with all applicable health, safety and environmental and employment regulations. “ Though polls over the last few years have shown Ohio voters say they support legalizing marijuana, key Republicans in leadership roles in state government are coming out against the proposal so far. And so is the Drug Free Action Alliance of Ohio. Tony Coder speaks for that group and he says while he hasn’t had time to look at it, he does intend to scrutinize the language of this proposal.

“We plan on looking at it with the mind set of what has gone on in other states, the various problems other states have called us on, asking for guidance, asking for help.

Marcie Siedel, the Director of the Alliance, in a written statement, says Monday’s filing confirms ResponsibleOhio plans to "create constitutionally protected marijuana cartels that would be locked into the state constitution." And she questions whether Ohioans would actually think that’s a good idea. Ultimately, it will be up to Ohioans to answer that question this fall, but only if the ResponsibleOhio group is successful in getting their issue on the ballot. There’s another possible ballot issue to legalize marijuana. That plan from Ohioans to End Prohibition would allow for the purchase, possession and use of pot in Ohio, but would not set up regulated growing sites.