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Riverside Methodist Doctor Suspended

A local doctor was suspended, Thursday, after a federal appeals court ruled a Cleveland University can deny his medical degree. The case centers on alleged lack of professionalism. OhioHealth has suspended Dr. Amir Al-Dabagh from Riverside Methodist Hospital where he is a resident. The move follows a 6th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals ruling which found Case Western Reserve University was within its rights to deny Al-Dabagh’s degree based on repeated unprofessional behavior. A lower court earlier ruled Case Western must give Al-Dabagh his degree. The appeals court wrote, it may overturn the university’s decision “only if it ‘substantially departed from accepted academic norms’.” Court documents indicate Al-Dabagh was given at least two opportunities to correct what the university deemed unprofessional conduct, including alleged sexual harassment and a failed internship due, in part, to staff and patient complaints. While Al-Dabagh was approved to graduate, a university committee voted to dismiss him following a DUI conviction in North Carolina. Al-Dabagh's attorneys say they will appeal. OhioHealth reports he will be suspended until the issue is resolved.