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Federal Officials Outline Police Plan In Columbus

Federal Justice Department officials told a Columbus audience Wednesday they'll launch a national effort to mend police relations with African American communities after police-involved shootings in Missouri and Ohio. The new program aims to de-escalate racial tension that sometimes occurs between law enforcement and the public. John Jay College researcher and author, David Kennedy, says distrust of police is often a problem and it sometimes stems from procedures officers use while making a traffic stop or an arrest. He calls it 'procedural justice.' "Procedural justice is about what contact with the law feels like. And that turns out to be a very different question than whether it's legal. And it turns out to be a very different question than did he get arrested and charged," says Kennedy. Kennedy and Justice Department officials outlined the program Wednesday at Capital University Law School. Columbus will have to compete with other U.S. cities to be part of the Justice Department initiative to improve police-community relations.