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Dublin Art Piece Missing

First it was a 200-pound golf ball..then a tree climbing man...now it's a turtle. They're all pieces of public art that have disappeared in the last couple of years. David Guione the Executive Director of the Dublin Arts Council says the golf ball and the climbing man were returned but damaged. Still, he said overall, the city has a pretty good history when it comes to its public art collection. "I guess we have a pretty good track record. The collection is over twenty-five years old and it has over seventy sculptural elements. So, I think percentage-wise we're doing pretty well, " Guione said. Guione described the missing turtle as two feet wide by two feet long with a frog on its back. It weighs 20 to 30 pounds, he said. Authorities are unsure about the fate of the turtle. Depending on the work's value, art theft could be prosecuted as a felony, Guione said.