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Summit County Jail Releases 72 Low-Level Inmates

The men exited the jail into an overcast Sunday afternoon, many to waiting cars filled with hopeful family members. The mass release is due to five years of layoffs and cuts at the jail. And last November, voters rejected a tax hike that would have allowed hiring of much-needed staff. Denny Wilson of FI Community Housing was there with his family to give out hats and gloves to people who may have been imprisoned during warmer weather. “Summit County is rich with their drug courts and some other alternative court measures in the community based correctional facilities," Wilson said. "This may be an eye-opener for the community as far as what’s needed. Because there’s a lot of fear and stigma associated with those that are coming out. And we if wanna prevent those and trust our judicial system then we’re going to have to make sure that there’s provision to keep individuals where they need to be, based on what the court decides.” The inmates have been assigned alternative sentences such as halfway houses, house arrest or treatment programs.