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Second Steubenville Football Player Released From Custody

A former Steubenville high school football player who was convicted of raping a West Virginia girl following an alcohol-fueled party and sentenced to at least two years in custody has been released from juvenile detention. An attorney for Trent Mays says he'll be put on probationary status and will have a sex offender classification hearing. A statement from attorney Adam Neeman says Mays earned his release and is now "eager to prove himself." Mays and one of his Steubenville teammates, Ma'Lik Richmond, were found delinquent in the 2012 rape. Richmond had a one-year sentence and was released earlier. A statement from the girl's family and their attorney says they hope the pair realize the pain they caused and maintain a higher moral standard in the future. The case led to protests against local police and other authorities over allegedly inappropriate involvement. It also attracted the online hacker collective Anonymous, which promised action if prosecutors declined to bring charges.