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OSU Parents Travel At Their Own Expense To Championship Game

As Ohio State prepares for next week's football championship, some parents of players are appealing for help with travel expenses to Dallas. But re-imbursement is unlikely. NCAA rules say parents of players are responsible for travel to bowl games. No new provision was made for this year's first football play-off with two games within ten days. On twitter, one parent of an OSU football player suggests crowdfunding to help defray travel costs to Dallas. But that could also run afoul of NCAA rules. After winning the Big Ten championship, Coach Urban Meyer says travel can be a financial hardship. "I keep seeing all these schools get all this money, I'm going to meet with Gene and whatever we're allowed to do we're going to do," Meyer says. The Big Ten conference says limited financial help is permissible in some hardship cases through the school's Student Assistance Fund. Gene Smith, Ohio State Director of Athletics, tweeted he wishes he could help families more. He vows to introduce NCAA legislation for family travel help for next year's play-offs.