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Chevy Truck Was Most Stolen Vehicle In Ohio In 2013

Ohio car thieves are still most fond of a truck. For the second year in a row, the 1994 full-size Chevrolet pick-up truck topped the list of most stolen vehicles in Ohio last year. That's according a new report from the National Insurance Crime Bureau. The group's Frank Scafidi says there are two basic reasons why the Chevy truck topped the list. "Popularity, in terms of the numbers of them available, and age. Clearly the older vehicles, certainly the pre-1998 model year vehicles, are most susceptible to many more kinds of theft techniques," Scafidi says. Scafid says overall auto thefts are down, and he expects them to decrease more as anti-theft technology improves. Behind the Chevy truck was the Dodge Caravan, which used to top the Ohio list. Nationally the Honda Accord was the most stolen vehicle last year.