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Fired Columbus Principals' Pre-Trial Hearing Set For June

It could be next year before a lawsuit filed, last week, by two fired Columbus City Schools principals goes to trial. Darlene Chavers is an attorney for Tiffany Chavers and Pamela Diggs. Darlene Chavers said a pre-trial hearing is set for mid-June. “There’s always the possibility for continuances," she said. "So there’s still quite a while before we get any kind of resolution of this matter.â€? Tiffany Chavers and Diggs want their jobs back. They also seek $400,000 in compensatory and punitive damages. The women’s firing came out of the district’s data rigging scandal. The lawsuit contends the former principals were coerced to break enrollment of students with excessive absences and poor test scores and re-enroll them, a process meant to improve the district’s achievement scores. “It’s important to realize these individuals were actually taking direction from their superiors, their immediate supervisors, as well as others above them," Darlene Chavers said. “They’re kind of scapegoats for the entire district. And that’s unfortunate to pick on four individuals who were doing what they were told to do.â€? Four principals were suspended in January. Two later resigned. Tiffany Chavers and Diggs were fired. The school district’s attorney has yet to respond to a request for comment. No attorneys are listed for any of the lawsuit's defendants.