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Principals Sue For Jobs, $400,000 In Damages

Two Columbus principals being fired by the school board are suing to keep their jobs. Marion Franklin High School principal Pamela Diggs and Linden-McKinley STEM Academy principal Tiffany Chavers filed suit Wednesday against the school board, the current and former superintendent, and other school administrators. They’re also asking for $400,000 each in damages. "I too was compelled, directed and required to follow a practice and policy that was established by the district. I also decided not to resign as I did nothing wrong," Chavers said at a Wednesday press conference announcing the lawsuit. The district placed Chavers, Diggs, and two other principals on paid leave earlier this year after superintendent Dan Good said there was strong evidence they changed student data to boost state report card scores. Officials say Marion Franklin had by far the most grade changes. A state audit says Diggs knew one of her assistant principals changed “hundredsâ€? of students’ grades from failing to passing in June 2011.