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JobsOhio Touts Job Creation Numbers In Annual Report

The state's private job creation corporation says it helped created nearly 18,000 jobs last year. JobsOhio says it used grants, tax breaks, and other incentives to help secure the new jobs and keep another 70,000 jobs in Ohio last year. The report says JobsOhio helped create more 4,500 jobs in advanced manufacturing; that was followed by information technologies, financial services, and food processing and agribusiness. The 2013 report showed decreases in overall projects, jobs created, and new payroll compared to 2012. JobsOhio is technically a private non-profit that uses the state's wholesale liquor profits to dole out job incentives. It's seen widespread criticism from Democrats, who says job numbers are overblown and the agency is cloaked in secrecy. JobsOhio is also the subject of a lawsuit now before the Ohio Supreme Court.