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Poll Shows Support For Gay Marriage, Medical Marijuana In Ohio

As supporters of gay marriage continue a push to repeal the state's ban on same-sex marriage, a new independent poll shows growing support for same-sex unions. The poll from Quinnipiac University shows, for the first time, half of Ohio voters support legalizing same-sex marriage. Ohioans overwhelmingly approved a ban on gay marriage in 2004. The change in opinion comes mostly from independent voters; Democrats and Republicans have remained steadfast in their support and opposition to same-sex marriage, respectively. The poll also shows Ohio voters favor legalizing marijuana for medical purposes by a nearly eight-to-one margin. It found 87 percent of Ohio voters support the legalization of marijuana for medical purposes. The poll found more support for medical pot among male and younger voters. The poll also found 51 support of Ohio voters support legalizing marijuana for personal use. But 55 percent of the survey's respondents say they've never tried marijuana. "Ohioans' views of marijuana are complicated. Twice as many voters think alcohol is more dangerous than marijuana, and about half the state's voters think the two are equally harmful," said Quinnipiac pollster Peter Brown. A total of 76 percent of Ohio voters say they would be "somewhat uncomfortable" or "very uncomfortable" riding in a car driven by someone who had smoked or consumed a moderate amount of marijuana