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19 Indicted In Latest Marion Drug Sweep

Federal authorities say 19 people have been indicted in an alleged conspiracy to traffic large amounts of heroin, crack cocaine and prescription pills into the city of Marion. The top federal prosecutor for northern Ohio on Wednesday announced the unsealing of a 72-count indictment. Authorities say the indictment details a two-year conspiracy in which drugs were brought to Marion from Detroit and Fort Wayne, Ind., and sold to juveniles and others. Police and anti-drug advocates say many of the city's drug problems originated with gangs bringing heroin from other cities, including Chicago and Detroit. Click here to learn about the influx of heroin into Marion, and how addiction specialists are fighting back. U.S. Attorney Steven Dettelbach says in a release that the latest arrests represent a joint law-enforcement effort to choke off the supply of drugs to the region. The indictments resulted from an investigation by law enforcement agencies that included the FBI, Marion police, the Marion County sheriff's office and the Ohio attorney general among others. 46 people were indicted in a drug sweep in Marion last year. Information from The Associated Press was used in this report.