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Ohio's State Of The State: Average

Go to Google, and type in "why is Ohio so" and let Google autofill do the rest. Other than the unrelenting and results-skewing polar vortex that doesn't want to give up, the results put Ohio on another level. And every election season, everyone seems to ask what Google suggests we ask. "Why Ohio is “so important.â€? But according to 14 metrics like per capita income and percentage of high school graduates, Ohio may be more accurately described as “averageâ€?. Ohio landed in the middle of the road in nearly every “state of the stateâ€? metric examined in a recent article from Politico Magazine. In the compiled rankings, Ohio came in 34th overall. The state’s lowest rankings were in obesity rate (43rd) and “highest reported wellbeingâ€? (44th). The state’s relatively high marks in education including 8th ranked 8th grade reading scores and 19th ranked 8th grade math scores could be signs of down-the-line improvement for the state. Below are the full results: Wealthiest per capita: 30th ($25,857 per capita income) Lowest unemployment: 35th (7.4% unemployment rate) Lowest poverty rates: 33rd (15.4% of population below poverty level) Highest home ownership 28th (68% home ownership rate) Highest percentage of high school graduates 25th (88.2% graduation rate) Longest life expectancy 37th (77.8 years) Lowest infant mortality rate 39th (7.7% infant mortality rate) Lowest obesity rate 43rd (29.5 % obesity rate) Highest reported wellbeing 44th (64.6 gallup index score) Highest math scores 19th (286 grade 8 math score) Highest reading scores 8th (268 grade 8 reading score) Least income inequality 26th (0.4615 GINI coefficient) Lowest crime rate 22nd (299.7 crime rate) Highest percentage employed in STEM jobs 27th (4.7% employed in STEM jobs) Why is Ohio so important? There are a lot of reasons. Yes, it's a swing state with a lot of electoral college votes. But, overall. Ohio is just Ohio. Things could be worse. Go back to Google. Type in "Why is Nebraska so" ...  and see what you get.