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Party Chairs Assess Ohio Gov Candidate Weaknesses

Ohio's political party chairmen have jumped at the chance to highlight vulnerabilities of the gubernatorial contender running on the opposite ticket. Democratic Party chairman Chris Redfern says the fall election is about the incumbent, Republican Gov. John Kasich. Cuyahoga County Executive Ed FitzGerald has been campaigning for months as a Democratic candidate. Redfern says he sees Kasich's record on the economy and women's health issues as his weaknesses. Republican chairman Matt Borges points to FitzGerald's record of public service and trouble in picking a running mate as vulnerabilities. Redfern and Borges spoke at a legislative preview session, organized by The Associated Press. The candidates are slated to provide details on their fundraising and spending in campaign finance reports due Friday. Redfern says he expects FitzGerald to be outraised.