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Columbus Superintendent Responds To Audit With 17-Step Plan

Following the release of the audit of Columbus City Schools, superintendent Dan Good wrote a letter to Auditor Dave Yost, outlining 17 steps the district would be taking to prevent another data-rigging scandal.

  1. Developed updated protocols for changing records (withdrawals, grade changes, etc.).
  2. Created a Student Withdrawal Checklist to help explain and track all aspects of the student withdrawal process.
  3. Implemented protocols in which student attendance data changes must be made within 15 days of the date of the transaction.
  4. Centralized the enrollment process by establishing a Central Enrollment Center (opened in July, 2013), centralizing the processing of all new enrollments or changes in schools due to a change of address.
  5. Amended and drafted a new policy addressing student attendance and enrollment expectations.
  6. Re-established a District Attendance Accountability Team with specific staff members responsible for monitoring and reporting.
  7. Hired a Supervisor for Attendance & Student/Family Support to work on a number of initiatives designed to address attendance, truancy, and behavior/discipline and promote a positive school climate.
  8. Updated written instructions to principals regarding end-of-year EMIS data verification procedures, clarifying the areas of student records that should be reviewed for completeness, including demographic data, test results, discipline, missing data fields, etc.
  9. Added the responsibilities of Attendance Accountability Administrator to an existing position in order to develop and monitor truancy and attendance data systems.
  10. Installed a new and improved student information system (Infinite Campus) that will strengthen the District’s ability to collect and use data.
  11. Created an online “Attendance Toolboxâ€? for students, parents and the general public to use in understanding the District's attendance policies, regulations, procedures and practices.
  12. Implemented a “Whistleblower Policyâ€? to provide a confidential, anonymous process in which employees can report fraud, waste, or abuse claims.
  13. Implemented specific training for secretaries and Central Enrollment personnel regarding data entry and documentation requirements with respect to student records.
  14. Implemented a new system of notifying the Franklin County Juvenile Court and Registrar of Motor of Vehicles of student withdrawals, in accordance with Ohio law and Board of Education Policy 5131.3.
  15. Took steps resulting in the departure of specific staff members implicated as having direct involvement in student records changes.
  16. Established strict access protocols for data entry into student records.
  17. Implemented an automatic timed-out password system that requires staff to create new passwords every 90 days.

Read the full letter here.