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Burst Pipes Soak Columbus Police Headquarters

Columbus Police headquarters suffered "major" damage on Wednesday. Three water pipes burst. City crews had to punch holes through inside walls to locate the water leaks. Two of the three burst pipes fed fire sprinklers in the nine-story building. But, there was no sign of a fire or even electrical sparks. All of the burst pipes though are situated along the west side of the building which were exposed to frigid wind chills during the last several days. Spokesman Rich Weiner says city crews are still looking for possible causes. "It's hard to say whether the weather had anything to do with this at all so we've got to determine where we go from here and how to identify it," says Weiner. The leak from one of the pipes went undetected for several hours and contractors had to punch holes in the walls of offices to find the source of the leak. Chief Kimberley Jacobs' office suffered some of the worst damage. "The chief can function," says Weiner. "She doesn't have to be here in headquarters. She can be at the Academy. She can be in other office space through-out here. So, the only difference is she's just not sitting on the eighth floor right now." The headquarters building opened in the early 1990s and has suffered other structural problems in past years. Weiner says the burst pipes are, "the most significant issue the building has had" since it opened.