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Veterans Group May Pursue Ballot Initiative To Save Vets Memorial

A group of veterans opposed to the demolition of Vets Memorial said it may try to stop the re-development plans by taking the issue to voters. The American Legion of Franklin County said it may soon begin to gather signatures for a ballot initiative to try to prevent the Columbus Downtown Development Corporation from tearing down Vets Memorial. “What this is all about is a land grab to commercial properties that were promised to the veterans back in the 1950s," legion spokesman Steve Ebersole said. Last week, Franklin County Commissioner Marilyn Brown said in an email “commissioners are committed to always owning the piece of land beneath any memorial or museum.â€? Brown and other commissioners are expected to approve a resolution Tuesday that will give the O-K for the development corporation to raze the old memorial building as part of the redevelopment of the Scioto Peninsula – the area next to Downtown. The project calls for a new memorial and museum, as well as a zoo and other residential and retail development. Offices currently at Vets Memorial would move to a building on East Broad Street.