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Govt. Shutdown Means Furloughs For Ohio National Guard

The federal government shutdown has forced some 1,800 Ohio National Guard mechanics, pilots and administrative staff off the job. There are more than twice as many army guards -men and -women in Ohio but the Air Guard took the brunt of the furloughs. Guard spokesman James Sims says leaders had been making plans prior to the shutdown. "We've been keeping an eye on what's going on in Washington and unfortunately we had to furlough a portion of our force," Sims says. The Air Guard furloughed 1,060, while the Army Guard furloughed 759. Sims says Ohioans should not worry; the Guard remains prepared and ready in the event of an emergency at home or military action overseas. "We have a significant traditional force," Sims says. "And many of our critical teams - our homeland response force, our air sovereignty mission so Ohioans should rest assured that the Ohio National Guard can support anything in Ohio and our readiness remains at a high level." National Guard drills for thousands of guards men and women have been canceled this weekend.