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Government Shutdown Detours DC School Trips

Thousands of school children from Ohio and around the country who traveled to Washington this week for traditional school trips, might be disappointed this year. Many of the national monuments and museums operated by the federal government are closed due to the government shutdown. Kerry Wimsatt of Prodigy Student Travel in Worthington organizes more than ninety school trips a year. He says past events have allowed him to anticipate such roadblocks. "We've seen this train coming for some time. We've kind of planned it in advance what would be the repercussions and what would be our options," Wimsatt said. Kerry Wimsatt of Prodigy Student Travel in Worthington said this week he's been able to re-route a student trip to Washington to the home of George Washington in Mount Vernon and the Newseum, an interactive museum. Weimsatt said a protracted government shutdown may postpone school trips to Washington until the spring or force school officials to choose other cities to visit.