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Investigators Get Break In Hit-Skip Case

Investigators looking into a hit-skip accident that killed a Central Ohio high school teacher say they have a break in the case. Ohio State Highway Patrol investigators say they have a suspect in the hit-skip bike accident that killed long-time DeSales High School teacher and coach Bob Lennon. Lieutenant Anne Ralston speaks for the Highway Patrol. “It’s a female suspect; however, we have not arrested her. No charges have been filed at this point. We’re working very closely with the prosecutor’s office there in Delaware County," Ralston said. "“We got two big pieces to the puzzle we think, [Thursday] night, with being able to identify the vehicle. And also we have a suspect. But the investigation is going to move forward, and when we get it to a point where we present it to the prosecutor at that point in time it will be considered for charges.â€? Ralston said a family member of the suspect notified authorities about a grey car with severe damage matching police description. The car was taken from a residence on Miller-Paul Road. Lennon was struck from behind and killed on the same road in southeastern Delaware County Sunday.