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Ohio Ranks 7th Highest In Poverty

New census figures show that the number of Ohioans who fall below the poverty line is around 1.8 million. The Census Bureau reports that Ohio's poverty rate stayed steady at 16.3 percent in 2012. It was just a slight change from the 16.4 percent rate in 2011. Only six other states had more people in poverty. Around the state, 36 percent of the people living in Cleveland and Cuyahoga County had income below the poverty level. Franklin County in central Ohio was at 22 percent while Hamilton County and Cincinnati were just under 20 percent. Montgomery County was at 37 and Lucas County came in at 30 percent. Ohio U.S. Senator Sherrod Brown worries a threatened government shutdown could further hurt Ohio’s economy and the rest of the country. Brown says the focus needs to be on expanding job growth. “You’ve got these threats to shut the government down and threats of government not paying its bills, bills that Congress ran up I might add. And all of this is clearly inflicting damage on economic growth and we’ve got to move on and focus on job growth, not on scoring political points,â€? says Brown. Brown says public sector job losses have not been matched by gains in the private sector. Ohio's median household income in 2012 was just under $47,000, an 11 percent drop over the past dozen years.