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Former OSU Football Star Calls For More Mental Health Access

As state lawmakers continue to disagree whether to expand Medicaid insurance to Ohioans under the Affordable Health Care Act, former Ohio State football star Maurice Clarett is spreading his story supporting the expansion. He spoke today on All Sides with Ann Fisher. Clarett says he battled with mental illness for several years including when he played on the national championship football team in 2003. “Some nights just restless, some nights you can’t sleep, some situations you can’t comprehend. The anxiety and the stress of having so much pressure on you and not being able to feel like you’re going to deliver," says Clarett. Clarett was suspended from the team for ethics violations and had numerous troubles off-the-field, including robbery and weapons convictions that put him in prison. Now on parole, Clarett says he was able to receive mental health treatment and has been on medication for several years. Clarett has been speaking to various groups about the benefits of mental health treatment and expanding Medicaid to help those who can’t pay for it.