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Ohio Congressional Delegation Undecided On Syria Strike

As Congress prepares to vote on President Obama's request to intervene in Syria area members of congress are weighing the prospects and possible consequences of U-S involvement. Third District Democrat Joyce Beatty is among those in Washington today for a classified briefing on the Syrian conflict. President Obama seeks congressional approval for intervention after reported use of chemical weapons. Fifteenth District Republican Steve Stivers represents areas south and west of Columbus. He says the President has a "hard case" to make for military action against Syria. "I don't want to get drawn into a long drawn-out conflict in Syria and so I would be very, very reluctant to approve anything that would involve boots on the ground," Stivers said. Republican 12th District Congressman Pat Tiberi says the president has sent mixed signals to U.S. Allies and enemies, but Tiberi leaves open the possibility of supporting the President. Tiberi said the president has put the country in what he calls a "lose-lose" situation whether or not congress authorizes military action. House Speaker John Boehner says he will support President Barack Obama's call for the U.S. to take action against Syria for alleged chemical weapons use and says his Republican colleagues should support the president, too. President Obama has said he wants a quick vote on a possible attack on Syria when congress returns next week.