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Missing Woman Tied to Casino Robbery Suspect


The last time Deanna McCutcheon, 43, reached out to her family was January Fifth. She sent her brother a text message.

“Can you come and pick me up. Can you come and get me. That was the last text,â€? Joe Robison recalled.

Robison didn’t know where his sister was. She wouldn’t say. And he hasn’t heard from her since. McCutcheon’s cell phone is inactive. She has not posted to Facebook. No one has heard from her. In February, McCutcheon’s family reported to Columbus Police she was missing. Patricia Robison thinks her daughter may have left Columbus under duress. “She always loves to help people,â€? Patricia Robison said. “And I think maybe she met someone that she started to help.â€? McCutcheon was known to date Wendell Watkins, 30. He’s wanted in connection with the October 21, 2012 armed robbery of a Hollywood Casino blackjack winner.

Deanna McCutcheon

Missing from: Columbus, Ohio Missing since: January 5, 2013 Missing age: 43 Gender: Female Race/Ethnicity: White Height: 5'10" Weight: 180 Hair color: Brown or Blonde Eye color: Brown

More information on the crime is available through the Ohio Crime Stoppers.
Columbus Police missing persons detective Jon Compson said McCutcheon’s vanishing coincides with the warrant issued for Watkins’ and his disappearance, but investigators have not determined if the two are connected. 00000178-6a24-ddab-a97a-6a3ca83c0000 “So [McCutcheon’s] disappearance from the Columbus area, we do not know whether it was voluntary, or if she took off on her own, or whether there was foul play was suspected,â€? Compson said. McCutcheon’s family said her relationship with Watkins was strained. But Compson said he can’t confirm the family’s suspicions. “Anytime we have a situation where we have somebody missing for this long, if she is located, we have to treat her carefully because we don’t know what type of situation she could be in,â€? he said. “If she’s in a situation like they had up in Cleveland, obviously we need to respond quickly.â€? McCutcheon is a single mom with four children. Patricia Robison said it is not like her daughter to go so long without contacting them. Joe Robison remains hopeful he will hear from his sister.

“I think she’s going to try to let us know where she’s at. She won’t be able to just leave. She’ll just let us know where she’s at.â€?

Anyone with additional information or questions regarding this case should contact Columbus Police Department at (614) 645-4545.