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Feed Ohio Effort Aimed At Reducing Federal Food Program Cuts

A statewide effort underway called Feed Ohio is aimed at reducing potential cuts to a federal program that serves about 850,000 Ohioans. Ohio Food bank leaders have joined with the Governor's Office of Faith-based and Community Initiatives for the next two weeks, to encourage various organizations to help those struggling with hunger. Head of the Ohio Association of Foodbanks, Lisa Hamler-Fugitt says the cuts to the federal program known as SNAP will mean about $36 less food per month for a family of 4. "Households and individuals that receive food stamps because of the supplemental benefit they're already making tradeoffs because they have no additional income in which to supplement these modest benefits. So for a family of four it's going to mean several days of food every month that is going to be foregone," says Hamler-Fugitt. Hamler-Fugitt says Ohio's economy has not fully recovered from the Great Recession and many workers are not earning a living wage. About 16% of Ohioans now depend on SNAP and unless Congress acts the cuts will begin in November.